a design opportunity

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you suddenly realise something isn’t quite right.

Despite the fierce dedication to the job at hand, whatever that may be – a task at work, an odd job around the house or perhaps the creation of a masterpiece (the case in this instance), despite maintaining a tunnel vision type focus, and repeated checking, double checking and triple checking that what you are doing is correct before going ahead and committing, whether that might involve saving/ fixing/ drilling/ cutting/ or sticking something… sometimes something goes awry!

Often once the brief denial/ figuring out something’s wrong phase passes then the speed at which sickening realisation sets in is astonishing. This is often followed by anger, despair, frustration and an outburst depending on who and where you are.

WELL – Have we got news for you, feel sick no more, do away with the negative roller coaster of emotion following your making what could be seen as a minor to significant error (munting things up is apparently the technical term). You have in front of you my friends A┬áDESIGN OPPORTUNITY!

Completing the carcass
The tool cabinet is taking shape after exploring a design opportunity along the way.

This week Chris had his first ‘design opportunity’.

‘Yes – Some holes were made where they were not supposed to be…. Measured thrice from the end of the shelf and the base, the holes were dominoed in successfully, only for it to be revealed the base was the wrong way round and therefore it transpires that it was actually measured from the wrong end! So rather than the initially planned one divider… two dividers it is! This gives a small ‘cubby hole’ in the middle, but I kinda like it now!’ (@ChrisINeal)

As they say – there’s more than one way to skin a cat (I don’t need to say no cats were harmed in the making of this tool cabinet (so far) do I?) and the key is not to panic. There were a couple of solutions that were explored such as have the whole thing lean over and calling it modern art!

Valuable lesson learnt … who can’t use this approach on a daily basis (easier said than done perhaps) but it’s all about how you look at things and maybe whatever’s happened is an opportunity to follow a different path I mean really… what tool cabinet is complete without the perfect sized shelf for a whiskey tumbler!!

a design opportunity