A tale of life, learning and career change

It’s with a mixture of nervous excitement and positive thinking that we are about to embark on a new phase in our lives. Hailing from the UK originally we are now ‘Australians’ and live in the beautiful Bondi* and while we are proud of what we have achieved so far it’s not our final destination. So, what are we seeking? Just that elusive little something called happiness. We are not unhappy by any means and consider ourselves unbelievably lucky. With a roof over our heads, we have loving family and friends around the world but when it comes to work this is a different matter. I exist happily in the corporate world, a little obsessed with details and struggling to say no to more work but this is an issue which I am attempting to address!

However this is not a story about all about me, it’s about us and the love of my life and his journey, leaving what he knows and taking the future into his own hands. A story of career change and a foray into the unknown – the journey from here to maybe becoming a master craftsman but actually where ever we end up.

Having been desperately unhappy with his work in air conditioning for as long as can be remembered, and always searching for an alternative but finding none to utilise the very specific skills he has, the sense of frustration and despair has been at times overwhelming for both of us. This is not what life should be about particularly after leaving behind so many people we care about in the UK to make a new life in Australia.

The only thing to do is to take a leap into the unknown and here we are! Ready and waiting – the intention being to take an interest in wood work and turn it into something that provides a living, enjoyment and job satisfaction. There is nothing I want more than to see Chris succeed, I am already so proud of him for standing up for what he believes in and for wanting more, not only for him but for us.

We are embarking on this together and I am going to document this journey in the hope that others will join us on it too!

*At time of writing – we have now relocated to the beautiful Bulli!

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