Beavering away

Life has a habit of getting in the way of many things if you let it – sometimes you don’t even realise its happening and before you even know it you don’t even remember when you last spoke to some of your closest friends and family (let alone write a blog post :(). If any of you are reading this – you know who you are and it doesn’t mean we love you or think of you any less – we’re just flat out. There is no real valid excuse other than life has got in the way, we realise its happened so not sure what the next step is… is acknowledging the problem a step towards recovery in this case?

Being time poor and the never ending quest for a work-life balance are topics of fierce debate – I see it all around me – we are constantly online – incessantly multitasking – there is no down-time – we are distracted from our own lives by other peoples lives (celebrity, friend, foe or otherwise). The question we all have to STOP and ask is … are these distractions providing inspiration, comfort, knowledge? Do they have and are they adding value in our lives, providing direction or contributing in some way? or are they one big fat time suck leaving us time poor and seeking something else?

Chris is in NO WAY distracted right now. His focus has never been clearer and his mission never more demanding. Chris is at school, heading towards 12 hours a day, six days a week at the moment beavering away on his chair project (actually 2 chairs and a table!!) and I have no doubt the end result is going to be remarkable. Take note all you aspiring woodworkers and furniture makers out there … if you are going to learn fine furniture making, let it be known there can be no half measures – not if you are really going to do justice to the ‘fine’ and quite literally make a new future for yourself.

TV Cabinet Front Shot
Completed cabinet with the walnut burl glinting in the sunshine.

Chris is giving his all to every project, not letting his current knowledge or skills hinder the design of the piece in question, challenging himself to learn and practice the trickiest of skills, techniques and methods. If there’s one way to learn – its by doing it and giving it your all. I think we thought, when we embarked on our new adventure it was going to be a challenge and we were right – but perhaps not in the way we expected. I think the lack of time for things other than work or school with both of us doing long days and travelling two hours plus per day is perhaps the biggest challenge. We haven’t yet nailed the coastie lifestyle but its certainly on the list of things to do and what we are doing now is enjoying a rare opportunity to change the course of our lives so believe me when I say watch this space – great things are coming. Becoming a designer/maker of bespoke wooden furniture that will last generations doesn’t happen over night you know!

PS We’ll catch up with you all soon. We appreciate all your support – thank you!

Beavering away

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