It’s coming out of the woodwork!

I am one for embracing a good saying or phrase. They can be used a surprising amount if you know enough of them. They can be humorous, appropriate or inappropriate, they can go hidiously wrong if you don’t remember them quite right and are very often inherited. This may or may not be where they start to vary! One of my most used is ‘worse things happen at sea, like a crab biting your toe’ and it’s often prefixed with a ‘you know what they say’. Good on ‘they’ for making up some great sayings!

A few other family favourites

  • it’s about as useful as a chocolate fireguard (or teapot – take your pick)
  • it’s as rare as rocking horse ” (insert chosen word for ‘excrement’)
  • it’s a bit grey over wilf’s mums
  • if the cap fits… wear it.

I used ‘its blowing a hooley’ just yesterday and Chris who had previously thought he has heard me use every saying under the sun replied ‘a what?’ It’s a thing… It’s on Wikipedia! Apparently just because I say it doesn’t make it a saying but if it’s on Wikipedia … It must be true right?!

It turns out that there’s a couple of pretty handy wood related sayings out there too but these offer more than a general or humorous observation… They are wise words and ones we have come across so far are…

  • Measure twice, cut once
  • You can cut something too long a thousand times but too short, only once.

French Polishing – Lesson learnt! (From @ChrisINeal)

mitre box
Completed Mitre Box with Polished Lid.

I don’t profess to be an expert in French polishing or even that good at it! But I do love shellac and when I get it right I think it looks awesome! With that disclaimer out the way my lesson learnt is that when using shellac less is more! Thinning down pre made polish 50/50 with more metho (shellac polish is just shellac flakes dissolved into metho (1:4) doing this makes it so much easier to apply and so much more forgiving when, if like me you inevitably stuff it up!!

Interested in learning more tips and tricks? Read more…

I know, I know – you’ve waited this long just to get the pub quiz update – the TimberBits came sixth place last week. Again! I have been asked to clarify this is not last! It’s out of at least 10 to 15 teams!

It’s coming out of the woodwork!