Life after school

Gone (for now) are the days of 16 hour workshop stints rallying to get the next furniture project designed, made and ready for presentation, gone are the games of handball at lunchtime. Talk to any one of the Sturt School for Wood Class of 2015 and they will quite openly admit that they had the time of their lives and they miss it. But like most things school couldn’t last forever and its now onwards with the adventure with more to see, do and learn.

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the latest adventures

For us – what’s been going on… this year has been a busy one so far – moving house (soon to be twice – don’t you love renting!) and one AMAZING holiday which saw my absolutely gorgeous little sister Aimee get married to her wonderful fiancé Brian, some awesome time with friends and family and a Scandinavian adventure for us which I’ll tell you some more about at a later date but suffice to say – Copenhagen is my new favourite thing! And what about a wood adventure I hear you ask? What now…

I’m pleased to announce the adventure continues. Chris is enjoying workshop life with the highly respected Thirston Morris over the last couple of months. Thirston, who’s father was a master craftsman has been a furniture designer maker since 2004 and is accredited by Studio Woodworkers Australia. He has a great range of woodworking experience, offers woodworking classes, owns and operates Allwood Specialty Timbers in Nowra and while he continues to design and make custom furniture in his workshop he also finds time to has participate in exhibitions such as the Kauri Project (Sydney Botanical Gardens), and displays at Bungendore Woodworks Gallery and Sturt Gallery.

Chris had the opportunity to assist Thirston with several projects including making some medal boxes (seen left) before launching head first in to making his first batch of his own hall tables – Giuseppe! Progress can be seen on instagram @awoodadventure.

Chris has also had the great pleasure of working for and with Leon Sadubin based in Gerringong, NSW. Leon has actively participated in the woodworking industry for over 40 years and has had a significant impact on furniture design and making in Australia. He is a master craftsman, teacher and classical music fan, Leon has works included in collections found at the Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), New Parliament House (Canberra) and in many private collections.

Chris is incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from both Thirston and Leon and begin to understand what it takes to run a successful workshop and business producing fine furniture!

Life after school