Do you have a Giuseppe?

Are there any families, couples or individuals out there looking for a new addition to the family home – something that will last for generations to come?

An item of furniture that is not only a beautiful sculptural piece, but one that offers stylish functionality with a Scandinavian twist that will impress your family, friends and strangers alike (should you choose to let them into your home!).

Well – the search is over – Chris has been hard at work in the workshop and produced four Giuseppe Hall Tables.  Giuseppe Hall Tables.

The ‘Giuseppe’ is a hand crafted American Black Walnut (top) and Rock Maple (base) hall table designed and made by Christopher Neal. A table inspired by the designs of Giuseppe Scapinelli – a furniture maker known for his beautifully crafted mid-century modern pieces and unique style incorporating curvy lines and soft shapes. Chris has captured the spirit of Scapinelli while creating a refined and elegant design, which would look and feel at home in any modern home. Crafted in carefully selected timber lovingly shaped by hand (for X hours) this table is a joy to look at. There is a possibility I may be biased but I have the original and I love it! See for yourself how great it looks below…

Where can you get your hands on one?

The Giuseppe is currently available from Sturt Gallery, Mittagong or why not contact us directly on instagram or facebook to find out more.

Do you have a Giuseppe?

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